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About Us
At MakarSimha we believe in the inherent potential in every individual. And once they are equipped with the required resources, they become capable of fully realizing this potential.
This same concept can be applied to families, organizations and communities to discover their goals, improve interpersonal interactions and achieve the best possible results as a group working towards a common goal.​
We use a multidisciplinary approach that borrows from popular and effective scientific techniques, as well as different spiritual traditions.
All our services are customized based on the specific needs of the individual, group, family, community or organization.

''Sanika has a wonderful and unique energy. She is open-minded and an enthusiastic learner,  absorbing the magic of enneagram with ease and flow. She brought original insights and perspectives into the training that enriched the classroom discussions.  She has successfully demonstrated the skills to conduct independent Enneagram sessions and can further illuminate the Enneagram model with her creativity.''

''I could speak to Sanika openly and comfortably. The discussions we had were liberating. I felt heard and supported. I gained valuable insights into my emotions and behavior patterns and could learn to identify and manage them effectively. I would share my struggles in various areas and we could come up with constructive and practical solutions to each of my problems. Thank You Sanika for your patience, understanding and guidance.''

Latha Iyer (Enneagram trainer) Trainer at Mindmatrix

Parents in my network have tried several aptitude tests to identify their child's core talents for choosing the right learning and career field. But despite that they found no clarity.  I referred some of these children to MakarSimha Consultants. The Personality Testing based on the MBTI model done by Sanika helped the parents gain an insight into their child's core personality and strengths.  The personalized interview and detailed report provided a thorough qualitative analysis. My own son did a session with Sanika and enjoyed the process and interacting with her.

Swati Gautam( Parent of Client: Self-Discovery)

Rashmi (Client-Mind Training)

After having helped friends, colleagues and relatives to achieve their health goals, one of the dimension was very clear and consistent, that mind body connection is a very powerful tool, it could help you or pull you back in this transformation journey. I came across MakarSimha Consultants, who offered  a ‘Self Discovery’ session. They used two well established techniques MBTI and Enneagram – creating a differentiated experience of deep introspection. I want to thank Sanika, as it revealed apart from my own behaviour pattern, many behaviour patterns I experience.

Darshana Pai (Client: Self-Discovery)


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