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Makar and Simha are the zodiac signs of the two founders of MakarSimha Consultants- Sanika and Nirmala.

Our intention behind choosing the name MakarSimha has a much deeper significance. The two zodiac signs are known to be very different, just like the personalities and temperaments of the two founders.


Despite being biologically related (mother-daughter), we have very little in common. Apart from the overt differences such as -extroversion-introversion, logical-emotional, left brain-right brain dominated, there are many other subtle differences.

We made different career choices (Science/Technology – Social sciences) These differences lead to many conflicts and clashes but also offered an opportunity to understand each other better, embrace our differences to leverage one another’s varied strengths and talents and work as a team.

This concept of harmony in diversity, is what we felt was needed in the current context where the world around us is becoming increasingly diverse, complex and multi-dimensional. A better way to stay sane and make sense of this rapidly changing world is to start by understanding yourself, the people and the environment around you well.

You can then use this increased sense of awareness to make the best of your true potential with more meaningful personal, interpersonal and community relationships.

The founders – Sanika and Nirmala – often joke – with two such different, contrasting personalities, had we not been mother – daughter we would have been arch rivals. But once you know, you do not have a way out, it is both empowering and elevating to find ways to make the differences work for mutual benefit. Together we are exploring various ways to help individuals, families, teams and organizations discover their self-worth and help make the best of their potential.

While we ourselves are also learning and growing every day to try and make our differences our strength.

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