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Raising mindful children in a distracted world.

Generation Z is our future. They will shape the nature of humanity and our planet.


This generation faces extraordinary challenges from pandemics, climate change, artificial intelligence and more. An unpredictable and rapidly changing external world can only be managed by a stable, grounded and resilient inner self. Zen Z weaves scientifically proven spiritual practices into simple daily activities that children can easily grasp, enjoy and apply to their everyday life.

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A service check for our minds!

We do regular cleaning or servicing for our homes, cars and electronic devices to ensure they keep functioning at their best.

What about our own inner-maintenance? 
Mind maintenance offers a comprehensive check into our minds- evaluating our emotions, analyzing our thoughts and assessing our behavior patterns. Testing and updating different functions of our minds and ensuring we too are functioning at our best.

A mirror for our Minds!

We often get influenced and overwhelmed by everything happening in our external world.


But it is also necessary to look into the inner world of our minds. Mind mirror offers an opportunity of self-reflection. We can connect with our emotions and thoughts. And understand how they are influencing our external behaviors.

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Giving Voice to the Wise.

In this high-tech, fast changing, globalized world our senior most members are the ones most ignored and overlooked. But now more than ever we need their wisdom and they need our assistance to survive and thrive in this world.


Golden Age empowers seniors by giving them the opportunity to share their knowledge, while engaging them in energizing activities and exercises.

Baseline Assessment

Our baseline assessment service offers an in-depth evaluation of your organization's current status, including an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) it faces. This assessment helps identify the gaps in your organization's performance and provides insights on how to improve. Our experts conduct a thorough review of the organization's AS-IS status to identify areas that require improvement, providing actionable recommendations to enhance organizational efficiency and productivity.

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Visioning Alignment

Our visioning alignment service helps teams bond and align with the organization's goals. We work with your team to identify and articulate a shared vision that inspires and motivates them to achieve their best. By aligning everyone's efforts towards a common goal, we help build stronger teams that are more productive and efficient. With our service, your team can work together cohesively and achieve success together.

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