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   Interpersonal Discovery  

     ''Your perception of  me is a reflection of you.
        My reaction to you i
s an awareness of me..''
        -Bobbi Chegwyn


 Self-Understanding- What are you like as a person? What are your values, core strengths and growth areas? How is this affecting you in your role as a child, parent partner or team-member?
Understanding yourself better is the first step in interpersonal discovery.


Understanding Each-Other- What is the other person like? What are their values, strengths and growth areas? Which of your traits are you compatible? Which are clashing? Here you will learn about each other's personalities. You will discover your similarities and differences. You will develop deeper understanding about the other person. 


Mutual Work- You will work together to improve your relationship. You will have deeper awareness and insight into your relationship. You can now work together towards conflict resolution and helping each other grow.

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