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Mind Mirror
''Since everything is a reflection of our minds, everything can be changed by our minds."

Talk to Me- ''A problem shared is a problem halved.''  

Openly expressing your pent-up emotions, thoughts and wishes gives them an outlet. It will also provide an emotional release and give you a new perspective. You can then, objectively view and reflect on your emotions and thoughts and understand how they are influencing your behaviour. 

You will then learn various mind management techniques, such as- processing and managing negative emotions, applying psychotherapies to challenge negative thinking and implementing conscious interventions to bring about a change in behaviour. 

Will to Heal- ''Within every troubled adult lies a wounded child.''

Many behavioral issues and mental blocks faced by adults can be traced to incidents that occurred in their childhood. This includes phobias, recurring nightmares, and inability to perform certain tasks. Recovery is possible if you are willing to reach out to your inner child and help them heal. Using the Enneagram Model, we can help you relook your childhood experiences, reconnect with your hidden inner child, and find the root cause to your current challenges. You can heal yourself, by healing your inner child.

Practical Positivity-''Negative Emotions are like a fog on a window, clouding our vision and presenting a distorted view of the world.’’

We all occasionally struggle with negative emotions and thoughts. But sometimes this negativity can get overwhelming and difficult to control and starts to adversely impact our mental as well as physical health. Just 'being positive' isn't good enough. You need to learn to consciously cultivate more positive emotions, implement positive thinking strategies and develop and sustain healthier habits. We can help you learn and practice positivity in your everyday life using behavioral models from Positive Psychology.


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